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Karwane-e-Islami International
Karwane-e-Islami International

Welcome to Karwan-e-Islami International

the caravan of caravans.

Karawan-e-Islami is a new world of convenience and high standard for those who are intending to perform hajj and their pilgrims to the holy places.

Karwan-e-Islami is such an institution that the indenting hajjis and pilgrims consider it their privilege to utilize its services. The basic reason for the establishment of the institution of karwan-e-islami is to make available all facilities to the pilgrims at an affordable price.

Karwan-e-Islamai is the inventor of the concept of group pilgrims to the holy places. They have made the task of performing hajj rather easy.


Hajj & Umrah

Umrah & Hajj packages are available at affordable price


Adequate arrangements are available to visit the holy places in Syria , Iran and Iraq.

Family Travel

Travel with your family anywhere in the world


YEAR - 2015


from 20th Nov. to 15th Dec.

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from 15th Dec. onward

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